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Abdul Ghani, M.N. and Tuan Kamauzaman, T.H. and Mohd Fudzi, M.F.M. and Arifin, W.N. and Chew, K.S. (2016) Development And Psychometric Evaluation Of Flood Disaster Management Questionnaire- (Flooddmq-Bm): Exploratory Factor Analysis And Item Response Theory Analysis. International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences, 3 (3). ISSN 2289-7577

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Newspaper Clipping

Bernama (2012) UNIMAS scientist receives award for knowlesi malaria research. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Free Malaysia, Today (2016) Mobile app that predicts dengue outbreaks. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Lee, Julia Ai Cheng (2005) Accepting the inevitable. 2005-08-19. [Newspaper Clipping]

Medical, Xpress (2016) Birdcages source of dengue virus. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

My, Metro (2016) Dr Dhesi harumkan nama negara. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

New Sarawak Tribune (2013) Engineers to hold blood donation campaign. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Sarawak Tribune (2016) Appeal to contribute towards building DAS new institute. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Sunday Star (2013) Forum on heart disease among young on sept 28. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo, Post (2012) Free Health screening at Sarawak ICT Expo. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo, Post (2016) Sarawak Hear to be launched oct 2. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo Post (2013) Make sure all food are hygienically prepared. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo Post (2016) Sarawak Hear berbesar hati Tun Taib mahu menjadi penaung. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo Post (2002) UNIMAS students donate blood. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

The Borneo Post (2016) Fifth human malaria parasite discovery rewrote textbooks’. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Utusan Borneo (2013) Kutipan darah BSMM Kuching naik 4.5 peratus. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Utusan Sarawak (2012) Pelajar UNIMAS masuk 'Kursus Kesihatan Keluarga'. [Newspaper Clipping] (In Press)

Conference or Workshop Item

Kon, C.M.L. and Jane, Labadin (2016) Generic reaction-diffusion model for transmission of mosquito-borne diseases: Results of simulation with actual cases. In: 30th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2016, 31 May 2016 through 3 June 2016, Regensburg, Germany.

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Ting, Su Hie and Podin, Yuwana (2019) Knowledge and Information-Seeking Behaviour on Nasopharyngeal Cancer in Urban and Rural Sarawak, Malaysia. In: 10th Global Conference on Business and Social Sciences, 6-7 December 2019, G Hotel, Gurney, Penang, Malaysia.

Corporate Memory

New Straits Times (2013) Early detection key to treating dyslexia. [Corporate Memory] (In Press)

The Borneo Post (2018) Dr Hazland proposes setting up of health clinic in Tanjong Bako. [Corporate Memory] (In Press)


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