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Khin, Cho Aung (2021) Comparison of Computer-Based Ishihara Test Versus Online D-15 Dichotomous Test in Colour Vision Screening. [Certifcate]

Final Year Project Report

Akad Alkaff, b Yahya and Asma Zafirah, bt Aizan and Asyilah, bt Mohamad West and Xien, Lee Jing and Ren, Ling Shar and Marfiza, bt Aluwie and Nurul Fatiha, bt Azman and Nur Suhana, bt Zainal Adzman and Lin, Pang Jia and Boon, San Chyi and Surenthiran, a/l Ramanathan and Siti Hajar, Rosli and Wen, Tan Pui and Karl, Thien Lee and Khin, Thong Hoe and Ming, Wong Wang and Zakaria, b Abdul Razak (2009) A cross-sectional study on the level of knowledge, attitude and practice among parents of children aged 18 years old and below on refractive errors in Rumah Juntan, Sibu from 26th October to 31st December 2009. [Final Year Project Report] (Unpublished)

Cheah, Jean Mun and Sia, Jenny Euk Huong and Mohd Faiz, Bin Ahmad and Muhammad Falmi, Bin Rossman (2011) Bacterial contamination of contact lens solution. [Final Year Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ng, Kok Hua (2013) Distribution and prevalence of chloramphenicol-resistance gene in escherichia coli isolated from aquaculture and other enviroment. [Final Year Project Report] (Unpublished)

Magazine and Newsletter

Lim, Lik Thai (2020) Ophthalmology practice in the era of COVID-19 : a personal reflection from a Sarawakian Ophthalmologist. [Magazine and Newsletter]

Newspaper Cutting

The Borneo, Post (2016) Eye doctor comes home to serve after 15 years in UK. [Newspaper Cutting] (In Press)

The Sunday Post (2018) ESC, UNIMAS to hold free eye screening. [Newspaper Cutting] (In Press)

The Sunday Post (2016) Eye doctor come home serve after 15 years in UK. [Newspaper Cutting] (In Press)

Utusan Borneo (2016) Tingkat perkhidmatan perniagaan, rawatan mata. [Newspaper Cutting] (In Press)

Utusan Borneo (2016) UNIMAS, ESC deka besaup dalam bidang opthalmology. [Newspaper Cutting] (In Press)


Ting, Siew Leng (2017) Comparison of CT800 non-contact tonometer and Perkins applanation tonometer in community practices. In: The 118'" Annual meeting of the Korean Ophthalmological Society in Conjuction with the 10'" Joint Meeting of Korea-China-Japan Ophthalmologists. (Unpublished)

Ting, Siew Leng (2017) Comparison of CTBOO non-contact tonometer and Perkins applanation tonometer in community practices. In: The 118th Annual Meeting, 2017. (Unpublished)

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