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Abdul Ghani, M.N. and Tuan Kamauzaman, T.H. and Mohd Fudzi, M.F.M. and Arifin, W.N. and Chew, K.S. (2016) Development And Psychometric Evaluation Of Flood Disaster Management Questionnaire- (Flooddmq-Bm): Exploratory Factor Analysis And Item Response Theory Analysis. International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences, 3 (3). ISSN 2289-7577

Ahmad Fithri Azam, bin Abdul Rahman and Azkhaire, bin Anor Basah and Azline, binti Abdillah and Ling, Bong Hoi and Hong, Chhoa Keng and Ning, Chin Kai and Fauziah, binti Ahmad and Yong, Lee Khong and Yen, Linda Then Yee and Mohd. Shakirin, bin Hasbullah and Leong, Mok Chun and Nurul Azmi, bin Jumahat and Bong, Peter and Samilawati, binti Mohd. Arifin and Ying, Tiong Chong and Vasuky, a/p Dasaratha Raman (2007) A cross-sectional study on level of knowledge and level of attitude towards asthma among the sampled population aged 13 years and above of Rumah Uming and Rumah Cherida, Meradong, from 20th November 2006 to 26th January 2007. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

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Ang Leng, Peow and Chew Kian, Peng and Lau Kiew, Siong and Nicholas Lim Lye, Tak and Ong May, Lea and Salawati, bt. Sanib and Stalia Wong Siew, Lee, and Syarifah Hafizah, bt Wan Kasim and Wong Siong, Chuong (2000) Kajian keratan rentas mengenai pengetahuan, sikap dan amalan terhadap pencegahan demam denggi di Kampung Belawai, Sarikei dari 20 Jun hingga 5 Ogos 2000. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

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Fatimah Dzohrah, bt Sharuddin (2007) A cross-sectional study on the level of knowledge, attitude and practice on diabetes mellitus among sampled population aged 18 years and above of Rumah Janggu and Rumah Mok, Bintangor. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Fong, Emmanuel Joseph and Cheah, W.L (2016) Unmet Supportive Care Needs among Breast Cancer Survivors of Community-Based Support Group in Kuching, Sarawak. International Journal of Breast Cancer, 2016. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1687-4129

Fong, Emmanuel Joseph and Whye, Lian Cheah (2017) Corrigendum to "Unmet Supportive Care Needs among Breast Cancer Survivors of Community-Based Support Group in Kuching, Sarawak". International Journal of Breast Cancer. ISSN 1687-4129


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