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Aizzul Amin, Aziz. (2015) Effects of castor oil on escherichia coli K011 growth and activities during fed-batch fermentation. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Alvina, Grifin. (2009) Water quality study of water intake in Asajaya water treatment plant. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Andrew Alek, Tuen (2006) Scientific Journey Through Borneo: Loagan Bunut: a Scientific Expedition on the Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Sociological Aspects. PSF technical series ; no. 5 . Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation , Universiti Malaysia Sarawak , Kota Samarahan , Sarawak. ISBN 9834187769

Angela, anak George (2012) Diversity and density of gingers species (Zingiberaceae) on limestone areas of northern west of Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Angie, Sapis (2011) Effect of glucose on chlorella vulgaris in heterotrophic culture. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Arinah, Binti Masli (2012) Study on the Gut content and feeding apparatus of Diadema setosum. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Barapoi, Inu Puun. (2004) Population size estimation of penthetor lucasi in wind cave, Bau, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Bebe Norlita, bt Mohamed. (2005) Hydrocarbon biomarkers in coals and crude oils from Balingian & Bintulu, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Boyce, P.C and Wong, Sin Yeng (2013) Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XXIX - Piptospatha manduensis-The Ultimate aroid calciphile ? Aroideana, 36. pp. 98-103. ISSN 2310-0745

Boyce, P.C and Wong,, S Y and Fasihuddin, Ahmad (2010) Studies on Homalomeneae (Araceae) of Borneo II: The Homalomena of Nanga Sumpa (Batang Ai) – Novel and Pre-existing Taxa, and Notes on Iban Usages. Gardens' Bulletin Singapore, 61 (2). pp. 269-318. ISSN 0374-7859


Chua, Lee Wern. (2016) Water and sediment quality of Baram River. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Das, I. and Pui, Y.M and Hsu, W.W and Hertwig, S.T. and Haas, A. (2014) Red Hot Chili Pepper. A New Calluella Stoliczka, 1872 (Lissamphibia: Anura: Microhylidae) from Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo). zootaxa, 3785 (4). pp. 550-560. ISSN 1175-5334

Dharmaraj, A/L Dorairaj. (2007) Assessment of heavy metal content in public drinking water from different water authorities. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, (UNIMAS).


Edward, Anak Muol (2019) A Case Study of Generating Landslide Susceptibility Map using Digital Terrain Model Parameters from Airborne LiDAR-Data, Vegetation Cover and Land Use in Canada Hill, Miri, Sarawak. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS).

Esther Tiffany, Redim (2012) Structure of disturbed mixed-dipterocarp forest at Mount Jagoi community forest, Bau :|ban assessment 24 years after logging. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Eza Rena, Binti Ibrahim. (2006) Distribution and composition of fish fauna between wet and dry season in Batang Kerang, Balai Ringin, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Famila Farvin, Binti Ghulam Dasthagir (2012) Assessment of microbiological activities of empurau fish (Tor Tambraides) of local fish farm. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Fatai, Anifowose and Jane, Labadin and Abdulazeez, Abdulraheem (2013) Ensemble learning model for petroleum reservoir characterization: A case of feed-forward back-propagation neural networks. In: Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, April 14-17, 2013, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.


JW, Moerman and K, Cobb and JW, Partin, and B, Clark and S, Lejau and J, Malang and AA, Tuen (2013) Borneo cave dripwater isotope timeseries resolve the 2009-2012 ENSO cycle. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 1. p. 2.

JW, Moerman and KM, Cobb and JF, Adkins and H, Sodemann and B, Clark and AA, Tuen (2012) Local and regional climatic controls on high-resolution rainfall and cave dripwater oxygen isotopes in northern Borneo. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 1. p. 2094.


Latifatul Sa'adiah, binti Derim @ Pawi. (2008) Assessing the performance of biofilter in treating greywater in Unimas. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Laurina Jacklyn, bt. Teo Choon Nee. (2005) Geolipid hydrocarbons in the estuarine sediments from Batang Rajang, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Liew,, Pauline Woan Ying. (2003) Isolation and analysis of heavy metal-resistant bacteria originating from a stream contaminated with waste effluent from a paper recycling plant. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, (UNIMAS).


Mahinggil, Colin S. (2004) Determination of rainfall index for selected sites in Unimas campus. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

May, Raksmey and Muhamad Fuad, Bin Shukor and Kong, Sitha (2019) Assessment of Groundwater Abstraction for Factories in Klang, Selangor. In: 2019 International UNIMAS STEM 12th Engineering Conference (EnCon), 28-29 August, 2019, Riverside Majestic Hotel.

May, Raksmey and Siti Aishah, Sahul Hamid (2018) Physical Modeling Approach for Assessing the Effect of Climate Change on Groundwater at Coastal Area. In: International UNIMAS STEM EnCon2018, 12-14 September, 2018, Riverside Majestic Hotel.

Mazzyah, bt Basrol @ Masrol (2004) Ecology of cryptocoryne ferruginae engler in Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Mohamad Fizl, Sidq Ramji and Pui, Yong Min and Mohd Ridwan, Abd Rahman and Mustapha, Abdul Rahman (2012) Rediscovery of the Enigmatic Mountain Blackeye, Chlorocharis emiliae Sharpe, 1888 (Passeriformes: Zosteropidae) from Mount Pueh, Sarawak. Tropical Natural History., 12 (2).


Nadia, binti Omar. (2006) Effects of nitrohumic acids on the aggregate stability of loamy sands. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Norhasyimah, Binti Mustapa (2017) Reproductive Biology of Acetes intermedius in Coastal Waters of Miri, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Norina, Ak Frederick Sambang. (2001) Development of a framework of an integrated river catchment management plan for Sungai Maong watershed. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, (UNIMAS).

Noziena Mura, Noel (2012) Water quality at Tanjung Bajong Coast, Sebuyau, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Nur Hanani Hanis, binti Mohd Nawar (2012) Importance of topography and soil physical properties on the growth of shorea macrophylla under reforestation at Sampadi Forest Reserve. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Nuraini, Binti Kadir. (2010) Ultrasonic measurement in ferrous metal. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Nurnadia Marshita, Binti Abdul Aziz (2012) Comparison of herpetofaunal species diversity between adjacent limestone and sandstone habitats at Gunung Penrissen, Padawan, Sarawak (Borneo). [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Nurul Azliza, Binti Mohd Asri (2012) The community structure of macrobenthos in Batang Lupar estuary. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Peter C., Boyce and Sin Yeng, Wong (2013) Studies on Homalomeneae (Araceae) of Sumatera II: Homalomena limnogena, a novel species from Pulau Belitung, and the first record of colonial helophytism in the Homalomena Chamaecladon Supergroup. Webbia: Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography, 68 (2). pp. 77-79. ISSN 2169-4060

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Rafizah, Rahamathullal and Wan M., Khairul and Hasiah, Salleh and Hasyiya Karimah, Adli and M.I.N., Isa and Tay, Meng Guan (2013) Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical analysis of V-shaped disubstituted thiourea-chlorophyll thin film as active layer in organic solar cells. International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 8 (3). pp. 3333-3348. ISSN 1452-3981

Rodzilan, Raie (2011) Environmental Impact Of Golf Course : Sediment Studies. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Rosmawatti, bt Zaini. (2004) Ecology of amorphophallus borneenis at Gunung Gayu, Padawan. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


SL, Pang and J, Ismail and BL, Tchin and WS, Ho (2012) Association Genetics of the Cirmamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase (CAD) and Cirmamate 4-hydroxylase (C4H) Genes with Basic Wood Density in Neolamarckia cadamba. Biotechnology, 11 (6). pp. 307-317. ISSN 1682-296X

Shabdin, Mohd Long (2014) Sarawak Coastal Biodiversity: A Current Status. Kuroshio science, 8 (1). pp. 71-84. ISSN 1882-823X

Shabdin, Mohd Long and Mohamad, Zakirah and Norzamratul, Taufek (2014) Macrofauna Community Structure on Seagrass Meadows of Sampadi Island, Lundu, Sarawak. In: Conference: Aquatic Science Colloqium 2014.

Siti Noor Linda, Taib and Lau, See Hung and Prabir, Kumar Kolay (2013) Laboratory measurement of displacement on shallow foundation in uniform sand using particle image velocimetry technique. Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering), 61 (3). pp. 53-61. ISSN ISSN:0127-9696

Syarifah Shyfarina, Bt. S. Mohamad Salleh. (2006) Optimization of the biofilter in the greywater treatment : temperature of the biofilter chamber. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Tamizy, bin Ibrahim. (2004) Groundwater geochemistry of the "Kayan sandstone" aquifer in the Lundu area of western Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Tao, Jianbin and Mishra, Deepak R. and Cotten, David L. and O'Connell, Jessica and Leclerc, Monique Y. and Hafsah, Binti Nahrawi and Gengsheng, Zhang and Roshani, Pahari (2018) A Comparison between the MODIS Product (MOD17A2) and a Tide-Robust Empirical GPP Model Evaluated in a Georgia Wetland. Remote Sensing, 10 (11). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2072-4292

Ting, April Pei Jen. (2010) Biogeographical investigations on the schismatoglottis nervosa complex (Araceae : schismatoglottideae) in Borneo. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Ting, Huong Siong. (2013) A case study on soil erosion rate and sediment yield of a proposed infrastructural development project. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, (UNIMAS).


Uzma Hazwani, bt Arif (2011) Preliminary morphological and molecular study on ghost crabs from Satang Island and Sematan, Sarawak. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Wai Kin., Lee (2015) Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cellulosic waste for bioethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC 24859. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Wong, May Sze (2017) Geomorphology and Vulnerability of Padang Kemunting Beach, Malacca. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

Wong Sin, Yeng (2013) Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo XXVIII – A New Bakoa from Indonesian Borneo. Aroideana, 36 (3). pp. 3-7. ISSN 2310-0745

Wong Sin, Yeng and Peter C., Boyce (2008) Studies on Schismatoglottideae (Araceae) of Borneo III: Schismatoglottis confinis, a Putative Sister Taxon to Schismatoglottis bauensis from Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Gardens' Bulletin Singapore, 60 (1). pp. 155-163. ISSN 2382-5812


Yusland, bin Radin. (2002) The feasibility study of electricity generation from ocean tidal energy at Kuala Lawas. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)


Zainah, Binti Adam (2013) Geochemical characterisation of crude oils from offshore of Sarawak and Sabah. Masters thesis, University Malaysia Sarawak, UNIMAS.

Zakiah, Binti Basrol. (2006) Growth performance of gonystylus bancanus (Miq.) kurz seedlings planted in top soil peat soil under different light intensity. [E-LPTA] (Unpublished)

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