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Nor Azila, Muhammad Azami and David, Perera and Ravindran, Thayan and Sazaly, AbuBakar and I-Ching, Sam and Mohd Zaki, Salleh and Mohd Noor, Mat Isa and Nurul Syakima, Ab Mutalib and Kiing Aik, Wong and Jeyanthi, Suppiah and Kim-Kee, Tan and Yoke Fun, Chan and Lay Kek, Teh and Ghows, Azzam and Zahirrah Begum, Mohammed Rasheed and Jonathan Chia Jui, Chan and Khayri Azizi, Kamel and Jia -Yi, Tan and Omar Khalilur, Rahman and Wai Feng, Lim and Nor Azfa, Johari and Muhiddin, Ishak and Ryia Illani, Mohd Yunos and Mohd Ishtiaq, Anasir and Jo-Ern, Wong and Jolene Yin Ling, Fu and Mohd Nur Fakhruzzaman, Noorizhab and Irni Suhayu, Sapian and Mira Farzana, Mohamad Mokhtar and Nur Alyaa Afifah, Md Shahri and Khairun, Ghafar and Siti Nur Hasanah, Mohd Yusuf and Yusuf, Muhammad Noor and Rahman, Jamal (2022) SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance in Malaysia: displacement of B.1.617.2 with AY lineages as the dominant Delta variants and the introduction of Omicron during the fourth epidemic wave. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 125. pp. 216-226. ISSN 1201-9712

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