{4-Hydroxy-N'-[(2E, 3Z)-4-oxido-4-phenylbut-3-en-2-ylidene] benzohydrazidato} diphenyltin (IV) methanol monosolvate

Fasihuddin B, Ahmad and Md Abu, Affan and Norrihan B Sam, Sam and Fraser, White and Edward RT, Tiekink (2011) {4-Hydroxy-N'-[(2E, 3Z)-4-oxido-4-phenylbut-3-en-2-ylidene] benzohydrazidato} diphenyltin (IV) methanol monosolvate. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 67 (7). m963-m964. ISSN 1600-5368


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Two independent diphenyl­tin mol­ecules and two independent methanol mol­ecules comprise the asymmetric unit of the title compound, [Sn(C6H5)2(C17H14N2O3)]·CH3OH. The Sn atom in each is five-coordinated by a tridentate ligand and the ipso-C atoms of the Sn-bound benzene substituents. The resulting C2N2O donor set defines a coordination geometry that is inter­mediate between trigonal-bipyramidal (TP) and square-pyramidal (SP), with one mol­ecule slightly tending towards TP and the other slightly towards SP. The mol­ecules differ in terms of the relative orientations of the terminal benzene rings [dihedral angles = 45.71 (18) and 53.98 (17)°] and of the Sn-bound benzene substituents [dihedral angles = 59.5 (2) and 45.77 (18)°, respectively]. The most prominent feature of the crystal packing is the formation of four-mol­ecule aggregates via O-H...O and O-H...N hydrogen bonds, in which the hy­droxy group is connected to a methanol mol­ecule which, in turn, is linked to a non-coordinating N atom. Weak C-H...[pi] inter­actions also occur.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: single-crystal X-ray study, T = 150 K, mean (C–C) = 0.005 A˚, R factor = 0.032, wR factor = 0.079, data-to-parameter ratio = 13.6, unimas, university, universiti, Borneo, Malaysia, Sarawak, Kuching, Samarahan, ipta, education, research, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
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