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Alia Diyana, binti Mohamed Hassim (2016) Biofilm formation and time course study on growth of saprophytic leptospira. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ambra Mera, anak Akang (2016) Genotyping of intermediate and saprophytic leptospira strains isolates from rats, soil and water in Sarawak using box-PCR. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arin Vynona, Robert (2016) Isolation and cloning of ABCH1 gene from rasbora Sarawakensis. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Akma Iddin, bin Masini (2016) Morphological description and population structure of an obligate arboreal crab (Labuanium politum) at Kampung Tanjong Assam, Spaoh, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Azreen, bin Azizan (2015) Assessment of Saltwater Crocodiles along Bako River during Three Monsoon Seasons. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Hibbatul Hakimi, Bin Azman (2015) Predicting Coastal Vulnerability along Coast of Sampadi. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Akmal Athirah, binti Taifor (2015) Production and characterization of bioactive metabolites produced by antagonistic bacteria using different types of carbon source. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ainil Syamin, binti Alias (2015) The Diet of Two Species of Peanut worms (Soft Substrate, Sipunculus nudus) and (Hard Substrate, Antillesoma antillarum). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azzahra, binti Ahmad Kamaruzzaman (2015) The Gastropod and Bivalve of Bruit Island, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Athma Hafeeza, binti Marzuki (2015) Prediction of logical interactions between Ribosomal Protein L22 with the factors of epstein barr virus genes using in silico strategy. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aimi Syazana, bt Sedek (2015) Preliminary study of flavonoids in banana's nectar. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aqilah Nabihah, binti Anuar (2015) Bioactivities of methanol extracts from rhizophora apiculata blume and rhizophora mucronata lam. barks. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Agus Fery Budi Hartono, Mamat Nurhan (2015) Formulation of aquafeed from soya solid waste (soya hampas. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

AfIzul Safwan, Azahari (2015) Lipid Accumulation in lipomyces starkeyi cultured in glucose media and sago effluent. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Syatir, Tahar (2015) Production of crude cellulase from Aspergillus niger under SSF using different agro wastes as substrates. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amira Dayana, Abd. Rahman (2015) Bioethanol production from sugarcane bagasse using escherichia coli K011. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Athirah, Abdul Rahman. (2015) Isolation and Characterization of partial genomic sequence of cysteine synthase (CSase) gene from petai belalang (Leucaena leucocephala). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Razak., Ahmad Asraf (2015) Structure based drug design for antifungal agents (aspergillus niger) from synthesis of benzaldehyde derivatives. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arif Luqman, bin Shah Bani (2015) Association between physicochemical parameters and presence of pathogenic indicator microorganisms in mud crab. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abirame, a/p Segaran (2015) Isolation of o-acetylserine thiol lyase genomic dna sequence from leucaena leucocephala via PCR. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azeryna, anak Mike (2015) A comparison between oral reading fluency in English and Bahasa Malaysia among primary 1 students. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Atiqah, binti Musa (2015) A study of behavioral and emotional changes in stress that can affect academic performance of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak students. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anis Noratisha, Mohamad Isa (2015) Development of higher order thinking skills module among preschool children: play. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Alan Pik Jin, Lee (2015) Comparison of 2D and 3D product visualization for an e-commerce website on telepresence, flow, behavioural intention, and brand equity. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Adeline, Jol. (2015) Integrity and ethics and its effect on employees in organization. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amalina Ulya, binti Abdul Jalil. (2015) Techniques of memorizing quran: a study of Azhari curriculum students. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aireen Azraai, Samin (2015) The determinants of environmental degradation in Malaysia. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amni Nabilah, binti Mat Adam (2014) Horseshoe Crabs of Western Part of Sarawak Coastal Waters: Distribution and Preliminary Molecular Study. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Akhmal, Bin Atan (2014) Phytoplankton Composition of Sematan estuary, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azimah, binti Apendi (2014) Yellow Pufferfish of Batang Saribas, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anielson, bin Mamin (2014) Effect of biodiesel's saturation on emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Asmaa, Bt Che Mohd Rosli (2013) Vertical Stratification of fruit-feeding butterflies (lepidoptera : nymphalidae) in a secondary forest, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Auzani Zeda Bt, Mohamed Kassim (2013) Illuminates : Abstract animation through projection mapping. [Project Report]

Allysya Sylvinessa, anak Alvin (2013) Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) profiling of planted sago palm. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ainaa Nadiah, Binti Abd Halim (2013) Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of bis thiourea derivatives. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Athira, binti Abu Bakar and Bellarmine, anak Intai and Felicity, anak Lawrence Ghundy and Kean,, Lim Fong and Mohamad Fayyadh, b Mohd Mokhtar and Nur Azzah Azyyaty, binti Mazlan and Shirley Diane, anak Belor and Aida Fadzlyna, binti Jamaludin @ Ali and Chuan,, Albert Moh Shan and Amutha Malar, a/p Sanmugam and Anwar Hasif, bin Abdul Ramit and Ken,, Chan Kok and Che Khairun Alyaa, binti Che Khazahari and Khiang,, Chin Yun and Hassan, bin Mat Noji and Yieng,, Judy Wong Kee and Xin,, Kho Jia and Mullaiselvi, a/p Ramakrishnan and Norfazira, bt Abdullah and Norhanan, binti Mohd Hasim and Nurfaizatul Akhmar, binti Yakup and Nurul Azyaliana, binti Khairuddin and Yee,, Tang Mun and Yieng, Tang We and Tengku Sarah binti Tengku Mohd Sharifudin, binti Tengku Mohd Sharifudin and Chang,, Teoh Ji and Chi, Wong Sing and Sing, Wong Zhai (2013) The level of knowledge, attitude and practice on complementary feeding among caregivers in Kampung Jeriah, Sibu, Sarawak from 23rd September 2013 to 8th December 2013. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Adibah Amirah, Binti Abdul Nasir (2012) Coordination chemistry of organotin(IV) complexes with substitute thiosemicarbazone ligands. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Alissee Sherrylin, anak Bagol (2012) Ethnopedological knowledge by local farmers in Sarawak for agricultural activity : a case study at Nanga Machan, Kanowit. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amirul, Bin Mahmud (2012) Lactic Acid production using alkaliphile lactic acid bacterium. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Afri Shafrulniiza, Binti Shafriil (2012) Lactic acid production using enteroccos faecalis in hydrolyzed sago starch by repeated batch fermentation. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arfazieda, Binti Anuar (2012) Presence of E.coli and Vibrio cholerae in fish in Sarawak river. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arinah, Binti Masli (2012) Study on the Gut content and feeding apparatus of Diadema setosum. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ammar Ubaidullah, Bin Rozali (2012) The profile of heavy metals in surface and core sediments from Rambungan and Rayu rivers, Matang, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ailen, Shia Sikin (2012) Diversity Of Weed Flora from Different Land Preparations from Oil Palm Plantation. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Angela, anak George (2012) Diversity and density of gingers species (Zingiberaceae) on limestone areas of northern west of Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aimi Syazana, Anuar (2012) Detection of L.Monocytogenes in animal and water samples in Kubah National Park, Kuching, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aisyah, Binti Shamsuddin (2012) DNA extraction and PCR optimization of mitochondrial coi gene in the genus betta. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abraham Atkin, ak James (2012) An interventional study on the stress among adolescents and young adults in Kampung Bahagia Jaya, phase III, Sibu. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amal Athirah, Zarzilah and Bong, Yee Hong and Chan, Siew Foung and Farahana, Jaafar and Fatin Nabila, Abdul Aziz and Ha, Sha Lene and Kong, Sing Ling and Lee, Chen Dar and Looi, Zhen Siang and Muhammad Khalid, Mohd Yusof and Nasuha, Nordin and Nur Aizzudin, Azzfar Harun and Nur Iwana, Abdul Taib and Nur Jalilatul Husna, Mansor and Nurhamizah, Ismail and Rashidah, Rusli and Siti Safra, Omar Mohd Azam and Suguna, alp Seraman and Tan, Shong Sheng and Teh, Huey Chiat and Wirdatul, Farah Said and Yap, Oi Chia and Yeong, Jin Yuan and Zafirah, Kaiyisah Abd Karim (2012) An interventional study on the levels of knowledge, attitude and practice on hand washing among the residents of Kampung Stapang I, Sibu from 11th June to 17th August 2012. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abu Zarin, bin Zahar and Yoganantham, a/l Kodiesarn and Teh, Thian Ping and Tee, Jie Xi and Sumayyah, binti Hashim and Sim, Joo Ching and Rebecca, anak Tulo and Rachel, Kamea and Nurul Shahirah, binti Abdul Shuko and Nurul Fadlin, binti Rosl and Nuraishah, binti Md. No and Nur Inani, binti Ahmad Tarmizi and Nor Izziatie Eliany, binti Alias and Muna Fahima, binti Zainuddin and Muhammad Rifai, bin Ishak and Ling, Kho Lee and Kiu, Kuong Lung and Khoo, Ee Theng and Khairul Azhar, bin Kiprawi and Kamimi Devi, a/p R. Sivarajah and Ho, Wei Shing and Chan, Hock Peng and Bong, Pao Yub and Aqilah, binti Zaidan and Loo, Adrian Wei Nam and Mohd Raili, Suhaili and Cliffton, Akoi (2012) An interventional study on the knowledge, attitude and practice on hand, foot and mouth disease among the parents or caregivers of children aged 10 and below at Nanga Sekuau resettlement scheme from 26th March to 10th June 2012. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ang, Hui Mei (2011) Dividend signaling hypothesis : evidence from banking sector in Malaysia market. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Angie, Sapis (2011) Effect of glucose on chlorella vulgaris in heterotrophic culture. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Annia Awing, Merang (2011) Ectoparasite and endoparasite between black and brown water in Batang Kerang, Balai Ringin, Serian, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Asyraf Ahamed, Bin Basheer Ahamad (2011) The Ecology and Burrow Architecture of Ghost Crab at Selected Beaches Around Kuching Division. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abang Abdullah., Abang Azizil Fansuri (2011) Molluscs community in Batang Kayan estuary, Lundu, Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aainaa Fatimah, Bt. Tajibah (2011) The relationship between intra-organizational network resources and mentoring towards career success. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Muaddib, bin Abdull Halim (2011) Kajian Istana Budaya selepas 10 tahun penubuhan (1999-2009). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Rashid, bin Sowarni (2011) Video pemetaan :gaya baru amalan seni video di Malaysia. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awai, D. (2010) Study the effect of ionosphere on the received mobile satellite signal using low-power gps receiver. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anuar, Ibrahim. (2010) Engineering properties of residual soils. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Dis, Bukaria. (2010) Hubungan di antara komitmen organisasi dengan niat berhenti kerja :kajian di CMS cement dan Bank Muamalat. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azizah Ummira, Bt. Hj Abot (2010) Comparison of marshall mix properties between normal acw14 hot mix asphalt mixture and acw14 with carbide lime as filler replacement materia. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amirul Ariffin, Bin Kassim (2010) Study on effect of window grilles for safety purposes on heat transfer in a building. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Alvin Miai, Spencer Empading (2010) Flow Culture of Scenedesmus dimorphus In Modified Sago Effluent (MSE). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aryati Almi, Ibrahim (2010) Flow culture of spirulina in filtered sago effluent (FSE). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arutchelvan, Rajamanikam (2010) Heterologous expression of xylanase gene from bacillus sp. in e. coli bl21 (DE3). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awang Ahmad Tarmizi, Awang Habeni (2010) Optimization and Characterization of x-Amylase Produced by Raw Starch Degrading Fungi Isolate NSH9 Using Solid State Fermentation (SSF) of Agriculture Waste. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Annastasia, Mathew (2010) Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in Wild Birds, Rodents and Bats From Nanga Merit, Kapit. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aiesah, Udin (2010) Reconstruction of msChi cDNA Contigs. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amirah, Ahmad (2010) Screening and Isolation of Cyclodextin Glucanotransferase Producing Fungi From Selected UNIMAS AAS Collection. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awang Rahmat, Dayangku Ziela Natasha (2009) Discovering teacher trainees teaching preferences using metaphors. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Hafidzur Rahman, Ahmad Nidhom (2009) Correlations between basic geotechnical properties of peat soil in new study area in Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Asoon, L. (2009) Effect of different particulate types on the properties of rice composite. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awangku Brahim, A.F.S (2009) Rainfall-funoff modelling in batang layar and oya sub-catchments using pre-developed ann model for tinjar catchment. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Adam Hussary, Ahmad (2009) Thermal conductivity of lightweight concrete with admixtures. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmadi, Hashim. (2009) Dredging and reclamation of Sarawak river estuary with the application of swan. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amirul, Adenan. (2009) Potential of razor clam (Ambal) as coagulant in water treatment process. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Angella, Louis Cox (2009) Case study :responses of young children during read aloud activity. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amal Hayati, Muhammad (2009) Parents' involvement in children's reading :a case study in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Andy, Haman (2009) Responses of a child with dyslexia in interacting with adults through play. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aziyanawati, Mohamad Othman. (2009) Teacher talk focusing on instructions in university english classes. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Agnes, Wong Su Su. (2009) The relationship between compensation factors and job satisfaction of employees. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arunnan Bala, Subramaniam. (2009) The transmission mechanism of business cycles among asean-5, China, Japan and South Korea. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azfar Satari, Abdullah. (2009) Dual threshold voltage for high performance domino logic. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awangku Nabil Syafiq, Awangku Metosen (2009) Uptake of Heavy Metals by Water Spinach from Sludge Amended Soils. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Addina, binti Mohd Baki and Bong, Alan Loke Fook and Alia Maisyah, binti Ahmad Lela and Belinda Catherine, Shepherdson and Chua, Hui Heng and Deven, a/l Aragena and Hairul, bin Abdul Hamid and Komalah, a/p Subramaniam and Liang, Hui Fen and Low, Han Nee and Mohd. Azrai, bin Lahaji and Monisha Pria, a/p Samuthuan and Nor Fauziah, binti Mohd Nor Azam and Ooi, Poh Siang and Siti Martina, binti Misran and Tony, ak Albert (2009) A cross-sectional study on the level of knowledge,attitude and practice on diabetes mellitus among population aged 18 years old and above in Rumah Baseh, Bawang Assan, Sibu from 25th May until 7th August 2009. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Akad Alkaff, b Yahya and Asma Zafirah, bt Aizan and Asyilah, bt Mohamad West and Xien, Lee Jing and Ren, Ling Shar and Marfiza, bt Aluwie and Nurul Fatiha, bt Azman and Nur Suhana, bt Zainal Adzman and Lin, Pang Jia and Boon, San Chyi and Surenthiran, a/l Ramanathan and Siti Hajar, Rosli and Wen, Tan Pui and Karl, Thien Lee and Khin, Thong Hoe and Ming, Wong Wang and Zakaria, b Abdul Razak (2009) A cross-sectional study on the level of knowledge, attitude and practice among parents of children aged 18 years old and below on refractive errors in Rumah Juntan, Sibu from 26th October to 31st December 2009. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Hafidz, bin Yusoff (2008) Distributions of aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonds in surface sediments from Sarawak and Santubong river, Kuching. [Project Report]

Asmahanni, binti Othman (2008) Synthesis and characterization of organotin (IV) complexes of schiff base ligand containing -on donor atoms. [Project Report]

Abul Haziq, Ahmad Foaad (2008) Evaluation of shear strength of single lap joint. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amy Philomena, anak Uni (2008) A study on the teaching and learning activities conducted in the KPM preschools in Kuching district. [Project Report]

Azli, bin Ramli (2008) Assessing the performance of biofilter in treating greywater at Unimas. [Project Report]

Afiza, Bidin (2008) The perception and acceptance of female nursing students toward male nurses. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Augustine, bin Druis (2008) The practices and challenges faced by teachers in teaching literature component - the novels for form 5 : a case study in Mukah division. [Project Report]

Atiqah, Maidin. (2008) Effects of inoculation volume and culture enrichment on growth of spirulina platensis in modified sago effluent. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Angeline, Gowbei (2008) Preparation of lead, copper and mercury adsorbent from sago waste : effect of adsorbent ph. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Audrey, Albert Radin and Azwan, bin Rahaman and Fatim, Zulaika and Henrietta, Albela and Shyang, Kho Sze and Hua, Lau Ee and Mohad Suhaimi, bin Sulaiman and Wen, Ngua Chen and Norain, binti Omar and Nur Aimi, binti Jaddil @ Zaidel and Nurul Aizam, bt Mohd Azmi and Siti Sanaa, binti Wan Azman and Jun, Tee Vern and Xin, Teng Hung and Huey, Wong Jia and Zhen, Gin Chai and Mohd Hisyamudin, bin Haris Padilah (2008) A cross-sectional study on knowledge, attitude and practice regarding hypertension among the population age 18 years old and above in the area of sungai Kerubong, Sarikei from 6th July to 29th August 2008. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Andikurniawan, Bin Samsuar (2007) Alat fisioterapi untuk keputusan pemulihan yang lebih pantas : kajian kes pesakit yang mengalami patah kaki. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anizan, Binti Omar (2007) Kajian bukaan praktikal untuk gaun wanita mengandung. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Annisa, binti Md. Yasin (2007) Kajian pengaplikasian komunikasi visual sebagai reka corak baru pada fabrik untuk rekaan kasual. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ardiles, ak. Gabrial (2007) Research on promotional campaign of F&N fruit juice. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aziana, bt Minhad (2007) Cabaran Jabatan Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Negeri Selangor (JKKWNS) dalam menjadikan muzik keroncong sebagai identiti Negeri Selangor. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azlan, bin Johar (2007) Usaha galeri seni di dalam memartabatkan hasil karya artis tampak tempatan kajian kes :artrageously Ramsay Ong Gallery. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awangku, Mohamad Najib. (2007) Relationship between performance appraisal politics and job satisfaction :does distributive justice act as a mediating role? [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Alvinson Roland ak, Roland Demong. (2007) The development and evaluation of virtual reality environment for learning deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) processes. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anusyah A/P, Rathakrisnan (2007) Comparative re site study of human tumor susceptibility gene 101 (TSG101) found among different human tissue types. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anusyah, A/P Rathakrisnan (2007) Comparative re site study of human tumor susceptibility gene 101 (TSG101) found among different human tissue types. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Fithri Azam, bin Abdul Rahman and Azkhaire, bin Anor Basah and Azline, binti Abdillah and Ling, Bong Hoi and Hong, Chhoa Keng and Ning, Chin Kai and Fauziah, binti Ahmad and Yong, Lee Khong and Yen, Linda Then Yee and Mohd. Shakirin, bin Hasbullah and Leong, Mok Chun and Nurul Azmi, bin Jumahat and Bong, Peter and Samilawati, binti Mohd. Arifin and Ying, Tiong Chong and Vasuky, a/p Dasaratha Raman (2007) A cross-sectional study on level of knowledge and level of attitude towards asthma among the sampled population aged 13 years and above of Rumah Uming and Rumah Cherida, Meradong, from 20th November 2006 to 26th January 2007. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aziz, Bin Ahmadi (2006) Modeling of arterial blood flow. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aluyah, Sipi (2006) Design and finite element analysis of solid expandable tubular. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Farid, Abdul Rahman (2006) Experiment of flame spread on plywood. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Augustine Paka, T. (2006) Supply chain management (SCM) practice. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ashafinarnor, Arshat (2006) Perkaitan antara faktor pekerjaan dengan kepuasan kerja : satu kajian di kalangan pekerja sementara di Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aniza, Binti Yusup (2006) Wireless performance evaluation for FCSIT labs. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Aiza Natasya, Bah Rem (2005) Developing genetic markers of eusideroxylon spp. (Belian) using restriction fragment length polymorphism of amplified chloroplast DNA gene fragment. [Project Report]

Abdul Hafidz, Haji Johari (2005) Student mentoring system (SMS). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Mutalib Faisal, Lampong (2005) Crack detection in welded joint. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Adrian, John Ngau (2005) Hydrologic modeling with hec-hms :sungai Sarawak Kiri Basin. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awang Sadit, D.D (2005) The influence of limited parking availability and pricing on travel pattern to reduce traffic congestion. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdullah, Nur Syazrina (2005) A survey on factors that cause stress and strategies to overcome it among rural and sub - urban teachers teaching science in english in secondary schools in the Kuching Samarahan division. [Project Report]

Aben, Anyi (2005) A survey on the use of portfolios among lecturers and trainees in Batu Lintang teachers' training college. [Project Report]

Awang Suhaili, Dayang Manja (2005) Gaya kerja berpasukan :kajian perbandingan antara Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat dan Jabatan Pertahanan Awam di Kuching, Sarawak. [Project Report]

Adiyah, anak Bunga (2005) Robots mind : rationalities and consciousness. [Project Report]

Azizah, Jamel and Fatwa Syazwani, Mohamad and Liza, Maten (2004) Student enrolment system for PTPL college. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Alexis Jelai anak, Ngilah (2004) Turbine selection for mini hydroelectric project. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Arasavindiran A/, Mariappan. (2004) One- dimensional consolidation of modified peat soil. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abd. Gani, Abdullah (2003) Classroom management in teaching-learning of english in large classes. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdul Hamid, Adon (2003) Persepsi staf akademik Unimas terhadap keberkesanan sistem kehadiran. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Adyosmera, Lidin and Azahari, Mohd Zaman and Azlan, Mortadza and Dayang Asma, Abang Mohammad and Fizalyhan, Sadie (2003) Price quotation system (PQS). [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Awang Masri, A.A (2002) A study on thermal management in electronic packaging components. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abdullah, Ali (2002) Laser gun system :measurement and comparison. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Tirmizi, bin Jobli and Aly, bin Alias stephen Nah and Bawih Inu, Pu'un, and ch'ng Li, Shyan, and Heng Ai, Lee and Julian Ong Joo, Lian and Ooi Boon, Han and Ronald Tang, Hion and Siti Baiduri, binti Busrah and Widyaningsih, binti Zaini and Wong Poh, Fei (2002) A cross sectional study on the physical and functional health status of the elderly population in Kampung Tebakang Melayu, Serian. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azizul, Idris and Kuin, Chang Li and Arlina, Nuruddin and Hian, Chai Chiun and Cheng, Lee Chun and Natalia, Che Ishak and Wooi, Yeoh Cheng and Rosidah, Shahbodin and Siti Nawal, Mahmo and Sy. Norashikin, Wan Ahmad (2000) A study on the prevalence of hypertension and factors affecting it among adults aged 25 and above at Nanga Selaut and Nanga Sebirah in Julau district, 19 June to 5 August 2000 : a cross- sectional study. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Abg Mohd Affendi, b Abang Yusop and Adibah, Ali and Amelia Karen, Gau and Dayang Suhana, Abang Madzhi and Essazul Imran, Mat Aris and Joyce Ee Sze, Zing and Maini, Sabait and Sharifah Ashrina, Wan Ali and Vijayan, Manogram and Wong Siong, Teck (2000) Kajian keratan rentas mengenai masalah perlakuan di kalangan remaja di Jerijeh, Belawai, Sarawak : faktor-faktor risiko dan persepsi ibubapa. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ang Leng, Peow and Chew Kian, Peng and Lau Kiew, Siong and Nicholas Lim Lye, Tak and Ong May, Lea and Salawati, bt. Sanib and Stalia Wong Siew, Lee, and Syarifah Hafizah, bt Wan Kasim and Wong Siong, Chuong (2000) Kajian keratan rentas mengenai pengetahuan, sikap dan amalan terhadap pencegahan demam denggi di Kampung Belawai, Sarikei dari 20 Jun hingga 5 Ogos 2000. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Ahmad Taufiq, Ismail (1997) Liputan berita tentang prestasi atlit negara di sukan Olimpik, Atlanta 1996: Satu analisis kandungan akhbar terhadap empat akhbar tempatan. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Andrick, Ak Pengarah (1997) Sejauh manakah akhbar tempatan membuat liputan mengenai isu-isu pilihan raya? :Satu kajian kes pilihan raya umum dewan undangan Negeri Sarawak 1996. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Asfah, Bte Asmara (1997) Hubungan Malaysia - Britain : Analisis kerjasama pertahanan Malaysia-Britain. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Asmawi, Bin Zakaria (1997) Kajian Impak sosio-ekonomi projek penanaman kelapa sawit Felcra di Kampung Pinang. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Amalina, Bt Ab Manaf (1997) Penderaan kanak-kanak : Persepsi masyarakat Kota Samarahan. [Project Report] (Unpublished)

Azizah, Binti Baharudin (1997) ASEAN dan Keselamatan Serantau. [Project Report] (Unpublished)


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